Pool Maintenance Moorpark

Even though opening a pool in Moorpark is most often met with anticipation and excitement, its proper upkeep means extra work and stress for pool owners.  Why not relax and fully enjoy the pool season and let David Weil Pool Service & Repair, Inc. handle pool care for you? Our experienced and friendly staff handles everything from weekly vacuuming and debris removal, to chemical balancing and pool repairs. Protect your investment as well as your peace of mind with reliable pool maintenance for any in-ground, or above- ground pool.

Standard Pool Maintenance Services Checklist

  • Pool brushing, cleaning and vacuuming
  • Skimmer basket cleaning and water circulation verification
  • Complete removal of leaves, insects and debris
  • Water testing and chemical balancing
  • Pressure gauge check
  • Pool shock treatments
  • Pool equipment inspection
  • Pool filter repairs and replacement

The Importance of Ongoing Pool Maintenance

Effective pool maintenance involves much more than mixing chemicals once a week to balance pool water.  The sides and bottom of your pool must be brushed and vacuumed regularly to avoid algae infestations which stain pool walls and may also damage equipment. Pool pumps can become clogged with debris that can damage a pool’s filtration system when not properly maintained. Avoid unnecessary and costly repairs with convenient pool maintenance programs and regular pool inspections.

Daily Pool Care Checklist 

David Weil Pool Service & Repair, Inc. pool maintenance technicians recommend a daily and weekly checklist to keep your Moorpark pool in optimal working order. 

Emptying leaves and debris from the skimmer basket on your pool each day is necessary to maintain the filtration system and to ensure proper water circulation.

The pressure gauge on the filtration system should also be monitored to verify that the system is not overloaded yet functioning at maximum capacity. A high reading is an indication that a “backwash” may be necessary to flush out impurities.

Pool water should also be tested each day to monitor pH and alkaline levels and adjusted accordingly with the appropriate chemical products. David Weil Pool Service & Repair, Inc. is available to provide helpful recommendations and suggest top-quality pool products to protect pool equipment.

Weekly Pool Care Tips

Use a nylon brush to clean the walls and bottom of the pool at least once a week. A stainless steel brush can be used to remove algae stains on concrete pools walls.   Vacuum debris promptly after brushing to prevent it from settling at the bottom of the pool. Pool liners should also be consistently checked for cracks or tears and repaired immediately to avoid permanent damage.  Chlorinate your pool as needed with measured shock treatments.

Balancing Swimming Pool Chemicals Safely

Although pool chemical products are readily available to solve almost any water problem, they can be hazardous to people and pets if not handled and applied correctly. Be sure to carefully read manufacturer’s instructions and contact our pool maintenance specialists at any time for assistance.

Ask the Experts

David Weil Pool Service & Repair, Inc. technicians are available to assist you with knowledgeable recommendations for the optimal upkeep of your pool by offering a range of tailored maintenance programs in the Moorpark area. Contact our friendly staff to schedule an appointment and for answers to any questions you may have.